Mergers and Acquisitions


At Law Offices of Nancy A. Norman, P.C., our corporate lawyers have substantial experience with privately-held company mergers and acquisitions. We represent clients who are the acquirors of target companies, often strategic acquisitions in the same or related industries, and we represent companies who are the targets of acquisitions. We represent companies who are offering a portion of their business as a platform for private equity investment. We also represent companies offering to investors the opportunity to acquire minority interests in the companies. We work in all stages of the merger or acquisition from the initial confidentiality letter and letter of intent to the closing under the asset purchase agreement and thereafter working through post-closing adjustments. Our attorneys have participated in enforcement of covenants not to compete given as a part of the acquisition, and have prepared pre-merger filings, as may be required in advance of the transaction.

Our clients whom we have represented in mergers and acquisitions operate in the following fields: telecommunications, aviation, oil field services, heavy equipment sales and service, heavy equipment manufacturing and automotive parts manufacturing.

Mergers and acquisitions are an important part of negotiated business purchases and sales. Our attorneys have significant experience in this area, acquired over many years of legal work.