At Law Offices of Nancy A. Norman, P.C., we have significant experience in finance. We represent lenders, including both a national bank and private lenders. As an example, we worked in the formation of a manufacturer’s finance subsidiary, established to finance the related manufacturer’s products and services being sold to customers, and regularly provide the loan documentation for the loans made by the finance subsidiary. Also, we have extensive experience in representing our business clients and companies in their bank and other financial institution borrowings.

Finance through borrowings in various forms is an important part of business operations, and our attorneys have experience in representing both the borrower and the lender.

In banking, we work with loans primarily in the corporate area, that is, large loans and significant credit agreements of or pertaining to companies. We also have valuable experience in working through the covenants and representations imposed on medium sized and large borrowers in bank credit agreements.

We engage in providing legal services in the area of finance directly in representing lenders, and in representing companies in their borrowings as a part of a company’s regular business practices.