Corporate (and LLCs, LPs and Partnerships)


At Law Offices of Nancy A. Norman, P.C., our corporate practice is broad and diverse. We represent clients in the industries that operate in San Antonio, South Texas and Texas—from automobile parts manufacturing, to jet aircraft modification to national banks, to individuals investing in real estate, to oilfield service companies active in the Eagle Ford shale, to telecommunications companies. The clients in these varied industries have a wide range of legal requirements, from setting up businesses to bringing in additional capital through borrowing or additional capital investors. Our firm’s corporate attorneys are able to assist our clients by laying the legal framework for every step of the way toward reaching our clients’ goals. Our attorneys work diligently to see that the corporate legal results desired are attained.

At Law Offices of Nancy A. Norman, P.C., our corporate attorneys are well qualified and highly experienced.

In current times, “corporate” work includes working with corporations, limited liability companies (“LLCs”), series LLCs, limited partnerships, general partnerships and many other entities.

For our clients, we provide all of the corporate legal work required by our clients, including serving as general legal counsel, and working with our clients in: formation and choice of entity (whether it be as a corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or other), borrowing or lending for the company, structuring the entrance of new investors, including structuring investment by private equity, company division and spin offs, federal tax planning as it affects corporate and partnership work, structuring the exit of investors, and mergers and acquisitions and sales of companies. We also work with families in establishing succession plans in respect of their companies, as a part of their estate planning. We represent a number of companies that have international owners as the ultimate parent or ultimate investors, and provide services ranging from integration with immigration issues to requirements dealing with the special income and estate tax considerations for foreign investors. Since our offices are in San Antonio and close to the border with Mexico, we work with companies in setting up their operations in Mexico. We represent clients from many countries.

In all of these cases, we are dedicated to providing to our clients the highest quality legal services.