At Law Offices of Nancy A. Norman, P.C., our aviation practice includes working with a major jet aircraft modification manufacturer, with national banks lending to aviation owners and with private aircraft owners on their financing arrangements, leased airport locations, and compliance with the rules and regulations governing aviation. In the course of representing clients who work in the various aspects of the aviation industry, we have provided the required legal services for the following: lending to a series limited liability company member where only the member that owned the aircraft was the borrower, purchases and sales of private aircraft, leasing of private aircraft for use within and outside of the United States, structuring back-to-back borrowing and relending to provide a source of funds for modification costs, working on lease renewals for fixed base operations, working with the Federal excise taxes on aviation, structuring ownership for private aircraft, and structuring closings of loans secured by aircraft using both Oklahoma City title companies or aviation attorneys.

In San Antonio and in Texas, due to the prevailing good weather, aviation is and always has been an important industry. Our attorneys provide high quality aviation legal work and are very experienced.